Young people with Bronchiectasis

Bronchiectasis is a chronic respiratory disease in which recurrent infection and inflammation cause abnormal and permanent dilatation of the airways resulting in recurrent respiratory infections and a chronic wet cough. It is a significant health issue in New Zealand, particularly amongst Māori and Pacific children, young people and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Using interpretive description methodology, this research explored the day-to-day life experience of a group of young people with bronchiectasis. Literature on bronchiectasis focuses largely on the improvements in diagnosis, treatment, and management, with little known about the impact it has on people who live with the condition.

The intention of this research is to bridge the gap and further the existing and emerging body of knowledge so that health professionals may understand the significance of bronchiectasis for the young person, come to know what is most important to them and then act and develop careplans to improve well-being and health outcomes.


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  • Blamires, J., Dickinson, A., Byrnes, C. A., & Tautolo, E. S. (2022). Sore and tired. A qualitative study exploring the symptom experience of youth with bronchiectasis. Journal of child health care : for professionals working with children in the hospital and community, 13674935221082437. Advance online publication.

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